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Compose a great symphony!
(Available through the Livescribe app store.)

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Write, edit, and save sheet music on college-rule dot paper and hear it played back at any tempo on your Livescribe smartpen!

The highlighted text is the pen's display.

Once you have entered MusicComposer, you can select one of four options from the vertical navigation menu:

Option What you can do?
Compositions Select one of 10 song banks.
Instruments Select one of 128 MIDI instruments.
Resets Delete songs and character recognition.
Help Remember where to find instructions.

After selecting a song bank, Set Middle C! by drawing a C centered on a line of college-rule dot paper.  Draw new C's to create other staffs.
Set tempo or the duration of a whole note at any time by tapping twice on unwritten paper.  Beats/min =  will show.
Draw whole to 1/16 notes () or rests () centered on any line or space within six lines below (E2) or above (A5) the line of the C.  The note or rest position, pitch, value, and clef will show and play.
Tap on a note or rest to see and play it again.  Tap on the C to hear your composition from the last note that you tapped.
You can add a sharp () or flat () before individual notes.  If you draw a sharp or flat before a C, the pitch of all notes on that line or space at all octaves will be modified for that staff.  Opposite accidentals on the key signature and before a note make the note natural.
You can cross out () any symbol including crossing out a C to delete a whole staff or delete an entire song under Resets.

MusicComposer may ask you to help identify a symbol by showing your drawing, its best match, and the % agreement, e.g.,
If you have not finished drawing, ignore this message. If you agree with its match, tap on the symbol or on the right navigation arrow. If you do not agree with its match and the symbol (except for a cross out) that you meant exists in you composition, tap on that symbol to teach the program the meaning of your drawing, otherwise, tap on the up or down navigation arrows to find the best match and then tap on the right navigation arrow to confirm the identity of your symbol. As you input more symbols, the program will do a better job of recognizing your handwriting. MCR (Music Character Recognition) can be reset under Resets.

Save compositions by pressing the left navigation arrow.

Draw C's on the left but leave the left margin for key signatures. 
Space your symbols for easy editing putting only one measure per staff.
Overlapping may combine or erase adjacent symbols.
A composition's staffs may be spread over multiple pages.
Though notes and rests are played from left to right in a staff, staffs are played back in chronological order.
Jump to a different staff by tapping on its C or on one of its notes.
Interrupt play by clicking on a note.
You can tap a new tempo while a song is playing.
Other self-explanatory messages may appear.
With your support chords, music paper, and desktop support will be added to future versions.

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